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Igadgetguru accept Guest Post Contents.

If you want to share your content and want a benefit of your social profile promotion or increase online awareness about your organisation or firm, content sharing and information sharing platform of igadgetguru welcomes you to write unique and quality content, with lots of information in unique format.

Information not rewritten from any other sources, like rewriting of any of article form ezine and from any other blog. As Google likes unique source of content, and these kind of content will be indexed quickly, so there are high chances to get quality visits from Google.

Requirement For Instant Approval @ igadgetguru.com

  • Unique Content
  • No Duplicate from other blog(s)
  • No Re-write of any article
  • Not Posted any where
  • Unique Name of Publisher
  • Active Social Profile Link
  • Non Promotional Author Bio
  • Max 2 Links from Author Bio
  • One Link to Twitter