Mobile Security Threats

Top 5 Mobile Security Threats

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You need to keep your mobile safe from these threats usingantivirus for mobile.

Cyber criminals have come up with a number of new ways to attack mobile phones in the past few years. The inherent security risks of such attacks cannot be underestimated, especially when an increasing number of industries are now adopting mobile-based solutions. In this post, we’ll have a look at 5 of the latest mobile security threats.

Around a decade ago, mobile security was an alien term. Most of the mobile users used to think that they are immune to such security threats. Fast forward it to 2017 and McAfee Labs detected more than 1.5 million new mobile malware incidents in the first quarter alone.

Cyber criminals are coming up with innovative ways to attack mobile phones and there is a significant increase in the number of ways in which the devices can be attacked. Let us have a look at 5 of the latest security threats.

  1. Botnets

With the help of a new malware, hackers can turn a mobile phone into a botnet and can control it without the user actually knowing it. The botnets generally used proxy IP addresses for disguising ad clicks and generate revenue for attackers. Viking Horde and Hummingbird are two of the most popular examples of such botnets which infected millions of Android phones. However, antivirus for mobile has been proven to prevent such attacks.

  1. Enterprise-Class Spyware

Employees now use their mobile phones in almost all the different aspects of their lives. The devices are generally in very close proximity to the network access of the enterprise, GPS tracking and voice activation. There are now spyware’s that can take advantage of this to monitor user activities. For instance, in August last year, a spyware known as Pegasus was proven to be capable of hacking any iPhone or iPad and conduct surveillance of the victim and harvest their data.

  1. IoT

While the IoT (Internet of Things) malware is still very new, malware developers are making good use of this new technology. As most of the IoT devices are configured and connected with the help of smartphones, it is very important for the mobile phone manufacturers to develop security standards for such attacks as the IoT devices generally have a few security measures in place.

  1. Ad Frauds

The ad frauds are one of the most common on mobile phones. Cyber criminals can use these malware’s to gain access to mobile phones and ultimately accessing sensitive data about the user or their company. While these frauds begin as an adware, they can easily spread the spyware throughout the botnet.

REVE Antivirus is a popular solution used by mobile users to protect themselves from such threats.

The mobile antivirus for free download offers a host of features, like Live Alerts, Anti-Theft, Real-Time Scanning, and App Lock to offer enhanced protection against mobile security attacks. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones, it is a comprehensive solution to tackle the increasing threat to your mobile security.

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