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How to be Superhuman in this Digital age?

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We are living in an age of ultra-distractions. Every minute of every hour is important for us. We need to make the most of the moment if they are willing to survive in this age.

Too many of us are overwhelmed with the everyday work. They do things that are important but not urgent so in the end, they are left with leaving those things that are important to them.

We overschedule things and find it difficult to complete things on time. This is why are all are turning into workaholic zombies that are doing thinking without thinking.

One way to make things easy is to use online task tracker to keep track of the time and figure out what amount of time is consumed by every individual task.

Here are top three ways in which you can declutter your life:

The 20/20/20 Formula

In this method, you need to start your day with a perfect plan. Right after you wake up you need to write for 20 minutes. Nothing special, just write whatever you feel like writing.

Second, you need to plan your day in the next 20 minutes. And finally, you need to keep a stopwatch to divide your task into 20 minutes interval and see how much time it is actually taking to finish off the task.

The 90/90/1 method

This is one of the most effective technique I have ever used since I heard about it. For the next 90 days, spend 90 minutes, exclusively on one task.

In this way, this will fix your focus on the task at hand. You don’t need to worry about anything else. You just need to worry about whatever you are doing right now and keep doing it for the next 90 minutes.

The 60/10 Method

Another excellent tool to make the most of your productive genius. There many online task tracker that can help you to plan your day in a better way.

But if you want to dive into creativity, you need to step away from technology for a while. You need bulletproof focus to do the tasks that you are assigned to.

Set a timer for the next 60 minutes and write everything down that you know about the task. There are two ways in which you can tackle a problem. Either the forward-thinking approach or the backward-thinking approach.

For forward-thinking approach, you need to write all the pros and cons of anything that relates to your task. And then move your way to the task.

In the backward-thinking, you need to keep your eye on the end goal. And make your way back to the actual task.

To wrap things up

In order to survive in this knowledge-based economy where things are getting out of hand every single moment you need to plan things in a way that don’t get out of the way. You need to find ways to do the things in the most effective ways. And the only way you can do this, is by doing the things with planning.

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