Oracle licensing

A quick Guide to Database Licensing

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A license is the “RTU” right to use the software not a software. Oracle database licensing is very complex and it’s rules and regulation changes according to the version. A proper knowledge about licensing is very important before proceeding for license actually. Licensing includes updating and buy the license.

Oracle databases

Oracle database software is very expensive and the process of licensing is a challenge. There are many database softwares as well, which are free of cost and may be very simple to upgrade. But Oracle licensing is very complex and may end up in paying a high cost.

Some examples of oracle database softwares differing according to their license procedure and cost;

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Standard Edition
  • Oracle Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Personal Edition
  • Oracle Xpress Edition
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Application Server

Among these Oracle Enterprise Edition is the most expensive and highly featured version. Oracle Xpress Edition is free of cost, but has only limited access.

Oracle licensing

For unlimited use rights of Oracle database software, there is an agreement known as ULA(Unlimited License Agreement) that allows users to use some products of the Oracle unlimitedly. At the end of the ULA, the customer has to apply for the number of licenses he need. Then it allows the user to get license for the maximum number of license periods under ULA.

Processor Licensing

Processor licensing in Oracle is used when the number of users cannot be estimated. This is mainly used in web-based applications, as here it is very difficult to count the licenses. Oracle does not offer processor licenses for individual users or Personal Edition Oracle products. The number of required licenses is calculated by multiplying the total number of cores of the processor.

User Licensing

User Licensing is the method of license for the individual users or devices that have the ability to access the software. It is a popular license for development and test environments. The license that accommodates with single user is NUP(Named User Plus Licensing). NUP is when a licensee pays per user.

Oracle License Management Services(Oracle LMS)

LMS is associated with the services listed in brief;

  • Help in understanding Oracle rights and limitations
  • Educating on Oracle licensing and help practice
  • Help on usage of Oracle license


To start your business hassle free, a proper licensed Database is very important. Database licensing is very complex but essential too. Every detail license may not be essential for an association or a business, but it should be made sure that you are licensed with every required database softwares. Licensing violations are very expensive.

Licensing too have different strategies. They have to reviewed and checked often and often. There are even companies that look after the licenses so that unnecessary licenses are not taken and payment for the licenses are done on time. It leads to proper management of the licenses an saving wherever required.  These companies even guide in incorporating the right license taken.

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