LG G4: What We Know So Far

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Nowadays, it’s common to see upcoming high-end smartphones making headlines in the rumor world. LG G4, which is most likely to be next high-end smartphone by LG, has been in the rumors for past some time now. There are multitude of rumors we have got so far, and with the help of them, we have made a virtual image of what could be features in LG G4. If you want to update yourself regarding the smartphone, then just keep reading the post ahead to know what we know so far about LG G4.


Build Quality

If we take majority of rumors anything to go with, then LG G4 will likely come up with premium look. Well, this is something that makes sense. It’s the era when high-end devices from every company must come up with premium look. LG is working hard to bless LG G4 with premium eye-catching look. Seems that company wants to give tough competition to its rivals.


Screen’s quality works as an important factor in deciding worth of a smartphone. As per rumors, LG is working hard to make this part look impressive. It’s likely that LG G4 would come up with 5.7-inch screen size. Company just can’t beyond this much screen size because with that, it would become hard to keep rear-button setup.

Processing Speed

We always expect incredible processing speed from the high-end smartphones. Talking about the LG G4, what we know so far is that LG G4 would come up with Snapdragon 801/805/808, 3 GHz processor. This will make the device work smoothly even in case of very hard multi-tasking. If you are one of those who do a lot of multi-tasking, then this is the device meant for you.

Operating System

LG G4 will be Android based smartphone. As per rumors, it will have Android 5.0 Lollipop version running on it.


LG G4 will hit the shelves in 32GB and 64GB memory variants. The former will have 3GB RAM in it and the latter will have 4GB RAM in it.


LG G3 was praised by all photography enthusiasts because of its good camera features. Better camera performance is expected from LG G4. It’s highly likely that the smartphone will come up with 16MP primary camera with incredible software part to give you amazing on-the-go photography experience. 5.1MP will be secondary camera in the device.


If the rumors are to be believed, LG G4 will have at least 3,500mAH battery in it.

Release Date and Price

From the past trend of launching the G-series smartphones, we expect LG G4 to get announced by company in May month of this year. The launch of the device will follow the announcement, and we expect it to happen by middle of this year.

Price is likely to be anywhere around $900.


If we consider the rumored specs as part of actual device, then yes, LG G4 is the device worth long wait. It would be interesting to see smartphone’s performance on the sales graph. Internet is buzzing about the LG G5 rumors, till now LG do not tell anything about LG G4. So wait and watch.

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