Coping with Underperformance in the Workplace

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Underperformance at the workplace is something that the human resource management is having to deal with more with, these days. keeping in mind the professional lifestyle, topped with the pressures of maintaining a work-life balance, employees do feel the weight of expectations to continuously perform at optimum levels. So how does an HR Leader cope with this challenge to get the things going?

Making the job responsibilities clear.

One of the primary reasons, why efforts are not channelizing into results, is because the employees themselves do not possess a clear understanding of their role in the organization. HR Leaders can thus lay the road map, for the new hires, detailing the aspects of their job which need maximum attention.

Conducting Regular Reviews.

This is another step that many human resource management units are undertaking. It involves assessing and diagnosing the key areas where a professional may be lacking and needs further guidance. After following through the records of the quarter gone by. The HR Leaders could, in the process use questions, in a one-on-one with the employee, such as:

  • Is the workplace environment conducive to your professional growth?
  • If not, what according to you are the greatest impediments?
  • Are you able to meet the expectations of your seniors?
  • What skills, do you think would help you perform better?

Upon finding answers to these questions, the human resource management could be assured to have a direction to look in.

Provide cure to the roots: Training

There have to be adequate training measures in place so that those deficient in skills could be handed the opportunity to learn. It is important that this formulates a crucial part of the mentoring program, wherein trainers pay close attention type course, one goes through.

The importance of being earnest.  

Another negative aspect of today’s work scenario that has emerged is where people are only working and waiting for their paydays. while that, fundamentally, is the reason why one works at all, it overshadows the notion, that a person should love what they do. It is hence, self-evident that there is a lack of interest in taking ownership on the apart of employees. Such a practice could be introduced at the workplace by the HR Leaders. They need to make under-performers realize that their personal success at the workplace would result in the overall business success, which in turn would come back in the form of departmental rewards.

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