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Why to Choose SEO-Friendly Web Hosting for Your Website

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Since you can’t go with a website that is not SEO-friendly, having a SEO-friendly web hosting is also essential for you. Generally, most of people consider on-page and off-page activities of a website but forget to consider an important factor that is its hosting server. Though hosting cannot improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, there are many factors that positively impact on your website. 5 most important from them are given below:

IP Address

IP address is an important factor for a website. Your website gets IP address from sever you are taking hosting services and your website’s IP helps Google to take your country into account. Don’t buy any hosting whose IP address has been blacklisted from Google due to excessive spamming. You must choose the hosting whose IP address is completely trustful.

Plugins and Updated Servers

Some of the plugins of the web server are very important for SEO. For example URL Rewriting modules affect the URL structure of the dynamic sites. You can also secure your site by updating different plugins, SQL server, web server, and others.

Uptime Percentage

The server you choose must be available all the time and should be able to deal with huge traffic on it. You may lose valuable traffic and clients if your server doesn’t have sufficient space to handle huge traffic of your website. You may also lose your SEO ranking if the crawler of a search engine comes to your website and found it unavailable.

Load Time

Load time also plays an important role in SEO ranking of your website. The server you choose should be able to present the pages of your website in minimum amount of time. Speed of a website is very important for its better user experience. The loading of your website depends on various factors including hardware of your server, loading bandwidth, and your content type. You can also optimize your website through site’s coding and can improve your website’s load time.

Number of Sites on a Shared Server

Your shared server can also leave effects on SEO of your website. The more sites are there on a shared server, the more response time will be late on it. Google also sees shared servers as suspicious because of too many sites on a single server. Also, it is a common problem in a shared server that if one website gets affected or comes across from an issue, the other websites also become victim of them. So, you better buy a virtual private server (VPS) for your website so that you can keep it secured. You can buy a secured server from Godaddy, Hostgator, Red Craft Media, and other online hosting sellers.

Consequently, you must choose a hosting plan that happens to be SEO-friendly for you. Search engine optimization is must for all websites because it is the technique that brings websites on top searches of the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. So, you better consider this technique from the very beginning of your website and should buy a hosting while considering SEO.

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