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Bose Launches Its First Bluetooth Speakers With True 360-Degree Sound

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There is no end to the number of wireless speakers that constantly keep hitting the market, and it isn’t hard to peruse these speakers and weight their popularity. Despite its strong competition, though, Bose has held its position firmly in the world of sound solutions and has come out with speakers that never cease to inspire awe! On April 14, 2017, Bose launched the new SoundLink Revolve TM and SoundLink Revolve+ TM, which turn out to be its best ever Bluetooth speakers. Featuring true 360-degree sound, these omni-directional speakers deliver deep, jaw-dropping performance for the best sound ever – all of which is power packed in a seamless little new acoustic aluminum design.

Glenn Gomes-Casseres, Bose’s director of products for wireless speakers is quoted stating that the company was more focused on making a dramatic difference to the original SoundLink so that it would become famous. And this is what the Bose engineers certainly did as they’ve redefined the relationship between sound, size and battery power in these speakers.

To begin with, they developed a new acoustic package and paired it off with a smooth cylindrical shape and an aluminum enclosure. Since these Revolve speakers have 360-degree sound, they can face any direction and there is no front or back. There is a powerful, ultra-efficient transducer combined with dual-opposing passive radiators and a patented acoustic deflector that all works combined with a pressure trap to eliminate distortion. The result is dramatic with beautiful deep, rich bass radiating uniformly in all directions without frequency drop-offs or sweet spots that are part and parcel of traditional 360-degree speakers. Use these speakers in a corner or in the center of the room and the music experience will be the same for everyone in the room – clear, spacious, loud and beautiful.

Both of Bose’s new Revolve speakers are usable indoors and outdoors and are designed to withstand rain, spills, pool splashes, knocks, bumps and drops, thanks to their rugged durability and IPX4 rating. At the bottom of each speaker is a quarter-twenty thread that makes it easy to mount the speakers on a tri-pod at an outdoor party or in the garden.

As far as dimensions go, the Revolve is 8.2 cm deep x 15.2 cm high and weights 0.66 kilograms. Nevertheless, it provides an astounding 12-hours of battery life. The Revolve+ has up to 16 hours of battery life and is slightly bigger, weighing 0.9 kilograms and measures 18.4 cm in height and 10.5 cm in depth. Features are similar as both speakers pair through NFC and use plain language voice prompts for seamless setup. Both speakers integrate microphones that can be used with a speaker phone, as well as work with Google Assistant and Siri for anywhere use even without a smart phone around. The Revolve+ includes a fabric handle for easy portability.

To make the launch of these Bluetooth speakers even more memorable, the Bose Connect app now allows for syncing of two SoundLinks. These can be any combination, beginning with the SoundLink Color II. There is a new stereo mode that is built in, which allows for left-right pairing. The new party mode streams music into both SoundLinks at the same time too.

The launch of the upgraded SoundLink series has certainly left Bose’s completion in a quandary and music lovers are praising these speakers as being possibly the best Bose ever. With prices well into the generally affordable range (for those who relish their music quality), the astonishingly small, surprisingly loud, power packed Revolve speakers in two color options are all set to take the world of music and sound by storm.

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